Introducing GMax tidal energy device

GMax Tidal Energy, a New Jersey-based tidal energy developer, is working on the completion of a lab sized prototype that uses linear flow technology to produce energy from tides.

The scalable design of the device can include permanent modular units, temporary power units, or can be customized for customer specific needs.

Each modular unit contains 2 GMax generators – 750 kW in capacity each. The electricity is generated top side through a proprietary system, allowing for a swift invertible grid connection.

These generators are supported by a connecting structure upon a deck, on a floating structure, which excludes the need for ocean floor contact.

According to GMax, all maintenance is performed with an innovative lift ensemble, and carousel design that can accept water currents from both directions.

GMax units are planned to be designed for 30 year plus life cycles, with the possibility to scale the capacity of each modular unit up to 3 MW.

The company has recently announced that their lab sized prototype is 90% completed.

When fully completed, the lab prototype will be at technology readiness level  6 (TRL), which represents a model/prototype tested in relevant environment.

Paul DiMaggio, CEO of GMax Tidal Energy, said: “At that time we will be seeking strategic partnerships. These partnerships can be large, or combined small companies with combined financial capital of a minimum of $7 mln, to $25 mln. Many potential, and capable vendors to manufacture full sized models have been identified.

“Once aligned, we can be operational within 22 months, using pre-identified allied locations that are independently owned on the water front.”

To reach the next TRL level, GMax technology will have to be demonstrated in an operational environment.