Irish Consul General Visits Aquamarine Power

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Aquamarine Power played host to Pat Bourne, the Consul General of Ireland to Scotland.

Pictured left to right, Martin McAdam, Orla Grant, Pat Bourne, Barry Doherty
Pictured left to right, Martin McAdam, Orla Grant, Pat Bourne, Barry Doherty

He stopped by Aquamarine’s HQ in Edinburgh to catch up with the CEO Martin McAdam. Top of the agenda was the progress on the Oyster 800 wave machine, future cooperation between Ireland and Scotland, and a discussion on the potential to build future wave farms in Ireland, which have some of the best wave energy resources in the world.

Martin shared progress on Oyster 800, which is currently undergoing further upgrades prior to recommencing energy production this summer.

Oyster 800 wave machine
Oyster 800 wave machine

Commenting on the visit Martin McAdam, said: “Ireland has taken  tremendous strides in the last 12 months to take a leading position in the wave energy industry. As well as their Westwave project, led by utility ESBI, they have begun to  put in place a system of seabed leasing and consenting which will allow companies to develop the first Irish wave farm sites. They have also produced an Ocean Renewable Energy Development Plan, setting out other measures, including a marine energy tariff, which will incentive the growth of the wave industry in the years ahead. We discussed how Ireland can continue to press forward with these positive measures, and the potential for greater links between Ireland and Scotland, with scope to share research expertise and Scotland’s experience in consenting the first wave and tidal projects.”

Following a positive meeting, the Consul General took a tour of the office and met Hydraulics Engineer Orla Grant and Senior Project Engineer Barry Doherty.

Press Release, March 25, 2014
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