Island Innovator rig; Source: Island Drilling

Island Drilling rig on its way to Norway to get ready for its next gig in UK

Offshore rig owner Island Drilling has revealed that its semi-submersible rig is in transit to Norway – after temporarily leaving Mauritania and Tullow Oil – to prepare for its next contract with Dana Petroleum in the UK.

Island Innovator rig; Source: Island Drilling

Earlier this year, Island Drilling’s Island Innovator rig won a contract extension with Dana Petroleum for work in the UK. The contract is slated to begin in April 2023. This optional well is part of the second contract inked with Dana Petroleum in the UK, which was announced in October 2022 for three firm wells.

As explained at the time, the firm work was estimated at 80 days and the optional part at 30 days with the total contract value estimated at $30 million. The first deal with Dana Petroleum was awarded in late October 2021 and completed in July 2022.

In an update, Island Drilling explained that its Island Innovator rig had carried out P&A operations in deep water (1200 WD). The company sees this as “a great milestone.” The next item on the firm’s list is coiled tubing, which the rig owner believes will be another milestone.

Island Drilling highlights that these kinds of operations show that Island Innovator is able to conduct highly efficient operations for its clients. With an active heave compensated crane (165 mT), this is a multi-task rig that can perform a variety of operations and be a strategic rig for any kind of operation, says the firm. 

“We look forward to cooperating with Dana Petroleum to perform safe and efficient operations on its next project,” concluded Island Drilling.

Once the rig completes its job with Dana Petroleum, it will embark on its assignment with Trident Energy to carry out a drilling campaign offshore Equatorial Guinea. This work is scheduled to start in September/October 2023.