Island Frontier to get new vent system from Agility Group

Agility Group has been awarded an EPCIC contract with Island Offshore for delivery of a Hydro Carbon Vent System to the Island Frontier vessel


Island Frontier is a riserless well intervention vessel that provides access to the subsea well through a Well Control Package.

As a preparation for the well intervention, small volumes of hydrocarbons trapped in the subsea XT are depressurized to the surface through chokes on the vessel via a vent line.

This gas / liquid is separated through a small mud gas separator, and liquid is stored in a portable slop tank.

The Agility Group delivery consists of the following main components: Vent line hose and reel, mud gas separator and choke manifold and Portable Slop Tank.

The system is skid-based and will be mounted on the vessel as pre-fabricated units. The Agility Group delivery also includes integration with vessel.


Press Release, May 26, 2014


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