ITF’s Showcase Presents New Industry Innovations (UK)


ITF’s Annual Technology Showcase promises to be bigger, better and bolder as it brings together operators and innovators to discover and discuss the latest technology challenges in the industry.

ITF, in partnership with the Department of Energy and Climate Change and PILOT, have announced today that Trevor Garlick, regional president of BP North Sea, will present the keynote speech at this year’s event at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC) on Thursday, November 1.

Mr Garlick’s keynote address will attract considerable interest from the industry by focusing on the importance of technological innovation and industry collaboration as well as addressing important technology development focus areas such as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).

For the first time, the one-day event will include a number of presentations from prominent oil and gas operators as well as the opportunity for one-to-one sessions where innovative organisations will hear first-hand the technology challenges facing some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. The exhibition, boasting more than 60 stands showcasing developer’s innovative oil and gas technologies, has already sold out. More than 600 people are expected to attend the free event, double that of last year.

Max Rowe, chairman of ITF said: “The Technology Showcase is more than just an exhibition and talking shop. The event provides technology companies, universities and scientists the opportunity to target a large audience for their inventions as well as direct access to the most significant industry players under one roof.

“It’s a win-win event as operators will also reap the benefits. It’s a unique chance to discover what technology is available in the marketplace and influence innovation in the future through collaboration with technology companies. This has the potential to make a marked improvement to the industry as a whole. It’s also a professional platform to investigate a more structured and strategic process for technological innovation from planning to production.

“Trevor Garlick is an influential figure in the oil and gas industry and many technology developers and delegates will be keen to hear his views on the technologies that will be important in the future. There is still significant remaining potential in the North Sea and this event provides an ideal forum to highlight the role of technology in maximising recovery from the basin and in overcoming tomorrow’s challenges.”

A not-for-profit organisation, ITF is owned by its operator and service company members and drives the development and implementation of groundbreaking technology and provides solutions to industry challenges. Funding Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) through its members, ITF enables developers to receive up to 100% funding for their original ideas.

ITF has facilitated the launch of more than 180 JIPs from early stage projects through to field trials and commercialisation. It aims to secure a further £50 million to launch 40 projects per year from 2015.


Press Release, August 14, 2012