Ithaca Energy UK Ltd. Charters Multi Role OSV from Sartor Offshore

Sartor Offshore has secured a contract 3 year firm + 5 yearly options with Ithaca Energy UK Ltd.  Ocean Sprite expected to commence the new contract at Athena field in October 2011, as a field support vessel and ERRV.

Ocean Sprite is a Multi Role Offshore Support Vessel (PSV/ Standby/ Rescue).

The vessel, formerly “Havila Sea”, was built in 1975 at Brown & Hammer, Durban and underwent major conversion works in 1995. On 31 January 2007 when Havila Rescue UK Ltd was sold to Ocean Mainport Holdings Ltd the vessel changed name to Ocean Sprite.

The vessel is a former PSV which has been converted to operate as a field standby vessel. The vessel has British Standby Class A.

The vessel is owned and managed by Sartor Offshore Rescue Ltd.


Source: Sartor Offshore, May 20, 2011.