GECF: Blue ammonia's role in energy transition

Itochu’s ammonia research project expands to 34 participants

Japan-based trading company Itochu Corporation has established a joint study framework aimed at discussing current issues of using ammonia as a marine fuel.

Illustration; Courtesy of NYK

Eleven organizations and companies have recently joined the study, expanding the number of members to 34.

The 11 companies and organizations include Anglo Eastern Ship Management, BHP, Bureau Veritas, CMA CGM, INPEX, JFE Steel, Lloyd’s Register, Maersk, Navios Group, Rio Tinto, and Vitol Asia. 

The group will discuss fuel specifications, safety issues and the methodology to assess carbon emission targets connected to ammonia as a marine fuel.

Specifically, the project will include:

  • Safety assessment of ammonia fuel ship under the guideline;
  • Safety assessment of ammonia bunkering;
  • ammonia fuel specification;
  • NET CO2 emission at ammonia production.

For its part, Itochu is expected to accelerate the development of sustainable energy systems through these initiatives and ensure its contributions to the SDGs and improvement of related efforts, as the company pursues a low-carbon society.

In May 2021, Itochu signed a memorandum of understanding with five companies to jointly study ammonia as a new marine fuel in Singapore.

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