Jan De Nul introduces zero emissions Vaquita 01

Jan De Nul has just introduced the Vaquita 01 – one of their latest Unmanned Survey Vehicles and the little sister of the Beluga 01.

Jan De Nul

With its 2 metres by 1, this vehicle is one of the smallest ones in JDN fleet. Therefore, it can be easily deployed to perform hydrographic measurements in calm inland waters, such as rivers and lakes.

It is equipped with multibeam sonars to scan the seabed and a laser scanner to map the situation above water.

This makes it useful in all phases of a dredging project: from the tender phase before the project to evaluation after the works, said JDN.

Just like the Vaquita 02, it runs 100% on green energy and therefore has zero emissions.

With its four batteries, it can even run for up to a full day without recharging.