Japan Energy Uses AGR’s RMR System on North-West-Shelf Well Off Australia

Japan Energy Australia is using the RMR® system from AGR Drilling Services to ensure the drilling of its first exploration well in Australia goes as smoothly as possible.

In a deal worth an estimated $650,000US, the Riserless Mud Recovery system from AGR DS is being used by Japan Energy on its North-West-Shelf well.

It is the first time that Japan Energy has used RMR® technology.

Japan Energy decided to employ RMR® to address hole stability problems experienced by other operators in the area while drilling through the Bare Formation, which consists of unconsolidated sands.

One of the advantages of RMR® (pictured is the system’s Suction Module with an ROV) is that it allows the use of an engineered mud system to prevent hole instability.

This is done by using a subsea pump module to pump the mud and cuttings from the wellhead back to the rig’s mud-handling system.

Japan Energy E&P Australia Pty Ltd is using an RMR® 300 operating at a depth of 134m (440ft) off the Diamond-Offshore-owned rig Ocean Epoch.

AGR DS Asia Pacific General Manager Bernt Eikemo said: “We’re delighted for this opportunity to create continued value for Japan Energy Australia. Hopefully this is the start of great cooperation between the two companies.

“Japan Energy has great ambitions in the region and AGR wants to be part of this.”

RMR® has been used on more than 130 wells worldwide and has proven itself to be a cost-effective, beneficial solution to drilling top-holes when seabed conditions are difficult.

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Source:  AGR, December 24, 2010;