Japan: VLCC Takamatsu Maru Arrives at Port of Kawasaki

Japan - VLCC Takamatsu Maru Arrives at Port of Kawasaki

The very large crude oil carrier (VLCC) Takamatsu Maru arrived for the first time at the sea berth for the Kawasaki refinery of TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K., which assumed the charter of this vessel after the company purchased virtually all of Exxon Mobil Corporation’s Japan business. The vessel was built by IHI Marine United Inc. and delivered in June, 2012.

TonenGeneral Sekiyu has also assumed the charters of two additional VLCCs — Taiga and Tamba — bringing to three the number of vessels currently chartered by the company from NYK.

While the vessel was at the sea berth of the Kawasaki refinery, interested parties visited the ship with P.P. Ducom, chairman of TonenGeneral Sekiyu, and Tomohide Miyata, managing director of TonenGeneral Sekiyu. In commemoration of the ship’s first arrival, a memorial plaque was presented to the ship’s captain by Mr. Miyata. Afterward, Chairman Ducom voiced his desire for stable transport, and the party then toured the vessel with NYK corporate officer Kenichi Miki.

NYK will continue its efforts to provide stable transportation of natural resources.


NYK, December 21, 2012