Japanese firm demonstrates floating wave prototype

Scaled floating wave prototypes under tests off Japan (Photo: Wave Power Technology)

Wave Energy Technology has concluded the demonstration trials on its scaled floating wave energy prototype off Kobe city in Japan.

The demonstration was conducted on a scaled unit, 1.4 meters in diameter, in mid-May on a jetty at the Port of Kobe, and 3 km further offshore, the Tokyo-based wave energy developer informed.

Wave energy prototype tests (Photo: Wave Energy Technology)

Wave Energy Technology said it was able to confirm the electricity generation from waves, which prompted the company to begin the design and manufacturing process for a commercial-scale unit that will be 14 meters in diameter, and have an estimated capacity of up to 1.2MW.

The technology being developed by the company uses vertical movement of the waves to generate electricity. It has already received two domestic patents, while applications for international patents for the technology are still under review.

Wave Energy Technology plans to include a larger commercial-scale wave energy device in its offering as well.

It will be 32 meters in diameter, and have the capacity of up to 5MW, which would be enough to power around 11,000 households, according to Wave Energy Technology.