JDR Strengthens Position in West Africa

JDR has establised a new service and maintenance facility in Port Harcourt and Lagos, Nigeria in partnership with Royal Niger Emerging Technologies.

In the agreement, which also establishes a long-term trade partnership, the Global Service division of JDR is providing local content to the West African oil and gas market with Nigeria as its first location for services in the region.

JDR’s presence in West Africa has been steadily successful. Recently, the company delivered a hybrid steel umbilical to the ABO 12 field, and has since invested in a technical test and repair container for umbilicals and reeler management.

Charlie Backhouse, Global Services Director at JDR, commented: “We intend to be the supplier of choice in West Africa for JDR’s breadth of product and service. Our relationship with Royal Niger has enabled us to accelerate this strategic vision and we are very proud to be working alongside them.”

Ivan Paoli, Executive Director for Royal Niger, added: “Royal Niger has faith in JDR’s long-term strategy for West Africa. The clear winner will always be the client who can assure themselves of fast, quality and effective service even in the most remote fields in the region, with a complement of local and expatriate personnel.”