Kongsberg Launches New Subsea Transponders

Kongsberg Maritime has introduced a new range of mini medium frequency subsea transponders.

The new cNODE MiniS family supersedes the Kongsberg Mini SSBL transponders (MST) range, which was first available in 2002.

The cNODE MiniS 34-180 and cNODE MiniS 34-40V are used with HiPAP, cPAP and µPAP underwater positioning systems, and, according to Kongsberg, are ideal for accurate remotely operated vehicle (ROV) positioning operations. Both new cNODE MiniS transponders are depth rated to 4000 meters.

cNODE MiniS 34-180 and cNODE MiniS 34-40V operate on HiPAP/HPR 400 channels with over 500 Cymbal channels.

“The new cNODE MiniS transponders will give operators improved position data over previous generation small form transponders and we look forward to industry acceptance for their accuracy, reliability and enhanced functionality,” said Morten Berntsen, sales director subsea ongsberg Maritime. “Despite being even smaller, cNODE MiniS transponders offer improvements across the board, positioning them as the most advanced compact subsea transponders for use with KONGSBERG and other manufacturers’ subsea positioning systems available today.”