Kongsberg Taps Norsafe for USV Design

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Norsafe has been working alongside Kongsberg to develop an unmanned surface vessel (USV) to act as a combined autonomous and data collection platform with different sensors.

Ideal for military and commercial maritime use, the USV has been designed to be robust and durable with easy servicing and the flexibility to allow for fast equipment changeovers.

Norsafe said it has designed a vessel that is stable on the water with minimal vibration and optimised for low air disturbance under the hull. These features are essential in providing nominal disturbance to the sensitive sensor equipment on board.

The USV has been designed for simple transportation either by road trailer or containerised on deck.

“We are delighted that Kongsberg approached us to take part in this joint initiative. Unmanned vessels are certainly useful in certain circumstances, especially in dangerous situations where the risk to human life is great.” said Dag Songedal, CEO for Norsafe.

“We supply the military market with a range of boats and used this experience to help develop and design the USV together with Kongsberg,” he added.

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