Korean Register Patents World’s First ‘Smart Fleet’ App

Korean Register Patents World’s First 'Smart Fleet' App

The Korean Register, an IACS member classification society, has obtained a patent on its “Smart Fleet” app which was launched earlier this year.

This unique and world leading app delivers up-to-the-minute information on vessels, fleets, surveys, audits, port state control and more direct to a smart phone or tablet. Surveyors and others working in the field are now able to access this vital survey and technical information rapidly and without fuss while on the move.

Jung Dong-jae, general manager of KR’s information technology team and in charge of developing this application, said: “The “Smart Fleet” app is a great tool that is already making efficiency improvements to shipping companies. Today, busy people expect instant access to quality, reliable and bang up-to-date information and that is exactly what “Smart Fleet” delivers. We have already seen a rapid take-up of this app and we expect many more users to come online soon. Obtaining the patent demonstrates that we have developed another piece of unique technology for our global customer base. “

KR Chairman & CEO, Chon Young-kee also commented: “The award of a patent proves KR’s exceptional IT technology skills and I firmly believe we lead the way in software development for ship classification. We will continue to research, innovate and launch more software products to improve the service and satisfaction we deliver to shipping companies across the world.”

Key information delivered on the “Smart Fleet” app includes:

  • A complete vessel register
  • PSC detentions, checklists and reports
  • Classification rules
  • Fleet lists, survey status, reports and schedules
  • Technical information
  • Survey networks and KR directory
  • Service supplier information
  • Publications

Two levels of information are available. The ordinary user can view basic information while owners of KR classed ships are given visibility over the full range of data.

Other useful functions incorporated in “Smart Fleet” include a “push notification system” used to receive urgent messages concerning PSC and technical updates as well as a “surveyor locator” which uses location based services technology to identify the KR survey office nearest to the phone user.

“Smart Fleet” is available in Android and iOS platforms.


KR, September 16, 2013