Krai MPs Tour Dalzavod Ship Repair Center, Russia

Krai MPs Tour Dalzavod Ship Repair Center

Russia’s Dalzavod Ship Repair Center was the off-site meeting venue for the Committee on Economic Policy and Property of the Primorye Legislative Assembly. The deputies discussed the state of the industry and familiarized themselves with the business of the leading ship repair company of the Krai, the Dalzavod Ship Repair Center.

The Krai parliamentarians toured the facilities of the yard, a part of Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center. The Dalzavod Ship Repair Center is the main repair facility for the surface and diesel-electric submarine fleet of Russia in the Pacific Ocean.

We successfully perform the Pacific Fleet contracts: repair its ships and submarines. This is task number one for us,” Igor Evdokimov, Managing Director for the Dalzavod Ship Repair Center, told the deputies. “It is a credit to FESRC that we win increasingly larger contracts and the company’s capacity is fully utilized. Maintenance and dockside repairs on 150 Pacific Fleet ships were performed in total in 2012. The state defense order was rendered completely. Further, 24 merchant ships were repaired in the Dalzavod docks within that period. We grew in performance in 2013 and have 173 ships slated for maintenance and dockside repairs. Four first- and second-rate ships are to undergo intermediate overhaul and modernization. In this vein, we continue over a hundred year tradition. Dalzavod was founded on the site of the Vladivostok Naval Station in 1887 specifically to repair the ships of the Pacific Fleet squadron.”

The deputies of the Krai Parliament visited a few workshops of the company and two dry docks housing the Pacific Fleet ships that are currently under repairs. They also went on board the large anti-submarine warfare ship of the Pacific Fleet Admiral Tributs which is being prepared for extensive repairs.

“One of the major jobs is that the ship is awaiting main engine replacement, reduction gear rebuild and installation of two desalination plants and standby diesel generators,” Dmitry Bolshunov, Lieutenant Commander, said about the intended scope of work.

“I am pleased to state that Vladivostok has maintained its shipbuilding industry. Vladivostok originated with it and the city’s challenge to fulfill the Pacific Fleet repair needs is being successfully addressed,” Viktor Gorchakov, Legislative Assembly Chairperson, remarked. “It is satisfying that this idea won out at various levels and Dalzavod is reviving its full-scale operation.”

These days Dalzavod employs around 2.5 thousand people, who are in charge of workshop and equipment repairs. The company is contemplating a major upgrade: construction of a repair shed for diesel submarines and a quay to repair new ship types.


Press Release, November 6, 2013