Illustration (Courtesy of Kraken Robotics)

Kraken Robotics picks up $1.2M purchase order from new AUV customer

Canadian marine technology company Kraken Robotics has secured a purchase order for its sensors and batteries totalling over $1.2 million.

Illustration (Courtesy of Kraken Robotics)
Illustration (Courtesy of Kraken Robotics)
Illustration (Courtesy of Kraken Robotics)

The purchase order is for a 6000-metre rated AquaPix MINSAS sonar and SeaPower batteries for a new autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) customer.

Due to customer confidentiality, Kraken Robotics said it can not provide more details at this time.

However, the company added it expects to fulfill the orders in 2021.

Kraken’s batteries and sensors will be integrated on the customer’s survey-grade AUV. This order follows initial integration and sea trials of Kraken Robotics’ AquaPix MINSAS sonar in 2020, the company added.

According to Kraken Robotics, the integration of its SeaPower pressure tolerant batteries will enable the customer to nearly double its mission durations.

“Extended bottom time is a highly beneficial feature to deep water AUVs as it increases area coverage rates while reducing the number of launch and recovery operations per survey which is the highest risk component of the mission”, the company said in a statement.

Also, Kraken Robotics informed it received another order for SeaPower batteries. The order was placed by Dive Technologies for its large displacement autonomous underwater vehicles (DIVE-LD).

The value of the order is $0.6 million, and the batteries are expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2021. They will be integrated into the third DIVE-LD production hull, according to the company.

Earlier in April, Boston-based Dive Technologies concluded sea trials of Kraken Robotics’ miniature synthetic aperture sonar (MINSAS 120) integrated onto its DIVE-LD.

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Sea trials lasted from 29 March to 8 April 2021, and were conducted in shallow water and very shallow water environments in the United States.