Photo: Photo courtesy of Naval Group

Kyuden Mirai, Cape Sharp first to get Cherbourg-built OpenHydro turbines

The new tidal turbine plant in Cherbourg, France, built in only ten months and officially launched on June 14, will produce its first two turbines in a few weeks and deliver them to projects in Canada and Japan, developed by Cape Sharp Tidal and Kyuden Mirai Energy, respectively.

The plant, owned by Naval Energies and its subsidiary OpenHydro, will also supply tidal turbines for all French commercial farms.

At the opening of the facility, Laurent Schneider Maunoury, Chairman and CEO of Naval Energies and OpenHydro said: “We have the capacity to build a tidal turbine of a diameter of 16 metres every two weeks. The priority for OpenHydro today is to ensure the success of the international demonstration projects and prepare the ramping up of the Normandie Hydro pilot project, in Raz Blanchard.”

Following the production of the first two tidal turbines for Canada and Japan, the continuation of the production should be taken by the Normandie Hydro project with further seven turbines, according to Naval Energies.

The plant’s activity should be progressively increased up to its maximum production throughput of 25 turbines per year, the turbine manufacturer said, adding that besides France, several other countries such as Canada, Japan, Chile and Indonesia are watching the use of this technology with interest. Staff