LaNaval Shipyard Receives Ferry Order from TESO

LaNaval Shipyard in Spain signed a contract to design and build a new ferry for the Dutch company Royal N.V. Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (TESO), located in the island of Texel, at the north of the Netherlands.

LaNaval Shipyard Receives Ferry Order from TESO

The ferry, which will be named “Texelstroom” is a new generation vessel for the transportation of up to 1,750 persons and 350 vehicles.

She will have the dimensions of 135 meters in length and 28 meters in width and will be equipped with the latest technologies in the market, making a breakthrough in energy consumption and environment friendship.

The ferry will be powered by diesel-oil or alternatively natural gas, being helped also by electric batteries that will form an integral part of the advance energy management system. Furthermore, she will have over 700 square meters of solar panels providing some independence from conventional fossil fuels.

The design of the “Texelstroom” was supported by the I.transfer program for sustainable ferry travel, part of the EU Inter-regional initiative.

The ferry will have a continuous operation between the port of Den Helder, at the north of the Netherlands, and the island of Texel, with very intensive transit of passengers and vehicles. Because of that, the speed for the approaching maneuvers has been deemed as extremely important resulting in a double ended design for constant lineal transit without turnings, accompanied with twin engine rooms and wheelhouses.

In the same way, it is crucial that the continuity in the operation of the ferry is ensured, so redundant systems will be installed onboard for power generation, propulsion and ferry control systems.


Press Release, May 09, 2014

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