Latin American Congress of Ports to Take Place in Colombia in June

Latin American Congress of Ports to Take Place in Colombia in June

The Organizing Committee of the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) tuned up all the arrangements for a new edition of the Latin American Congress of Ports that will take place in Bogotá, Colombia, from June 25th to 28th, 2013, under the motto: “The Integration of Latin American Ports with the World in the Era of Free Trade Agreements and Common Markets”.

The organizers foresee a successful attendance of all the agents involved in the port activity in Central America, the Caribbean and South America, as the AAPA Congress is the annual meeting par excellence, that gathers leaders and company representatives of the activity in the whole Continent. It is also expected a relevant attendance of delegates coming from the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa, who have been actively participating in previous editions of this congress, and that take advantage of this space in order to be updated on the world port context, and also to establish links with their peers.

The meeting will be a combination of a wide academic offer together with an intense social and business activity as –in parallel to the opportunity of introducing products or services, and strengthening relationships, International Experts will approach issues as: World Economy and its Impact in the International Port Business; The Opportunity of Colombian Ports to use the FTA´s and Common Markets Framework; Integration of Latin American Ports in the World; Safety as a Necessary Requirement to Competitiveness; Ports and Ship Owners: Shared Commitments and Responsibilities on Environmental Matters; Port Infrastructure and Port Projects in America: Integration, Supplementation and Competence; among others.

Those interested in attending the XXII Latin American Congress of Ports, may browse the official web searching for pre- and post- event touristic possibilities, for visiting one of the most desirable destinations for travellers all around the world, and one of the main destinations in Latin America.

AAPA, March 19, 2013