LEEDCo Selects Monopile Foundations for Icebreaker Project, USA

LEEDCo Selects Monopile Foundations for Icebreaker Project, USA

The Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo) has selected the monopile foundations design for the Icebreaker offshore project in Lake Erie.

LEEDCo president Lorry Wagner was quoted as saying: “We picked the monopile design for the Icebreaker foundation after working with our world-class technical team to analyze Lake Erie’s unique wind, wave, icing and soil conditions and to identify ways to integrate global best practices.”

The Icebreaker foundation, which was selected out of four different foundation concepts, will have an ice cone attached to the foundation at the water level to break up large sheets of ice as they come in contact with the foundation.

Icebreaker is one of seven US offshore wind demonstration projects to receive a $4m federal investment this year for completion works, renews.biz reports.

The project will consist of six 3MW Siemens turbines in Lake Erie about seven miles off the coast of Cleveland.

A more detailed engineering design is supposed to be submitted to the Department of Energy (DOE) by 14 February 2014.


Subsea World News Staff, September 24, 2013; Image: LEEDCo


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