Leon Thevenin to Identify Fault on Subsea Cable Linking Guernsey and Jersey to France


Guernsey Electricity is using a cable ship to pinpoint a fault on submarine cable linking Guernsey and Jersey to France, reports BBC.

The France telecom owned Leon Thevenin vessel is expected to be in the area all week.

According to BBC, Guernsey Electricity’s corporate strategy director, Sally David stated that engineers had constricted the issue down to a section of the buried cable.

She explained: “Hopefully once we identify the nature of the fault we’ll then be able to determine how to fix it and that will probably need another ship, but we don’t know what type until we find the type of fault.”

Ms David said she expected a replacement piece of cable would have to be jointed in place once the problem part had been identified.

Subsea World News Staff , May 16, 2012;