LifeDemoWave buoy set for March installation

The consortium behind the LifeDemoWave project is finalizing the assembly works on the wave energy buoy prototype ahead of deployment which is reportedly planned for March off the coast of Galicia in Spain.

The assembly of all the hydraulic, electrical and communication components within the prototype buoy is already installed, as well as the assembly of the two semicircular volumes that make up the flotation body, the LifeDemoWave project consortium informed.

One of the PTO prototypes has also been installed at the top of the buoy which is planned for installation at the at the experimental site in Punta Langosteira, the Galician-based news publisher Faro de Vigo has reported.

The buoy will remain at the site until April 2019 to verify its feasibility for future commercialization, according to Faro de Vigo, as the main objective of the EU-funded LifeDemoWave project is to demonstrate the feasibility of using wave power for electric generation in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Aside from power production, the Life DemoWave project will also seek to demonstrate the environmental benefits of using wave energy systems.

The wave energy buoy to be deployed is rated at 25kW and falls under the oscillating water column type of wave energy converters.

Faro de Vigo has cited project managers who said they estimate that the buoy will be capable of generating 200,000kWh annually.

The project will run for two years, until September 2018, involving a multidisciplinary consortium which includes Quantum Innovative, the University of Vigo, CETMAR, Advanced Crew and Ship Management (ACSM), Hércules Control (HCTech), and Grupo Josmar.

Total worth of the project is estimated to be €1.8 million, for which the EU contributed €1 million through the LIFE program – the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action.

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