Linde to Present LNG Technologies at GPA Convention

Linde to Present LNG Technologies at GPA Convention

Linde Process Plants will showcase their cryogenic NGL recovery technology and LNG technologies at the Gas Processors Association Convention April 13-16, 2014.

The GPA convention is an annual event, focused on processing of conventional and unconventional natural gas (shale gas). This year’s conference will be held at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

LPP, a member of the Linde Engineering Division of The Linde Group, is a global leader in the LNG & NGL markets, providing many industry standard and proprietary solutions for NGL recovery. LPP’s CRYO-PLUSTM technology provides solutions for maximizing ethane and propane recovery rates while maintaining optimum capital and operating expenditures. CRYO-PLUSTM allows gas processors to operate across a wide range of conditions, providing flexibility to meet their needs.

LPP will also be highlighting their new StarLNGTM family of LNG solutions. StarLNGTM is an LNG solution based on the Linde LIMUMĀ® mixed refrigerant technology or nitrogen expander cycle. The fully designed and engineered StarLNGTM package can be customized to the processing conditions and product specifications required by customers. LPP has designed the StarLNGTM family to work with the Linde Engineering Schalchen plate-fin heat exchangers and cold boxes; providing customers a single source throughout the natural gas value chain.


Press Release, April 08, 2014; Image: Linde


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