Lloyds Energy files for FTA LNG export permit

Lloyds Energy files for FTA LNG export permit
Image courtesy of Lloyds Energy

Bermuda-based Lloyds Energy Group submitted a formal application with the Department of Energy to export LNG from its proposed facility to countries which have a free trade agreement with the United States.

The company is looking to export up to 9 million tons of LNG per year (equivalent to approximately 1.25 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day) for a period of 25 years.

The application for the project to be known as Point Comfort LNG, to be located in Calhoun County, Texas, is expected to be approved by spring of 2017, the company said in its statement on Monday.

It is one of the first steps in developing the project, and speaking of the application, Lloyds Energy’s CEO, Philip Holland, said, “submitting our Point Comfort LNG FTA application is an important first step towards making the final investment decision.”

The company intends to utilize two 4.5 mtpa near shore floating LNG vessels, each about the size of an aircraft carrier, as well as additional support barges and onshore facilities, with production expected to begin in 2022.

Each FLNG unit will have an estimated storage capacity of approximately 200,000 cubic meters. The project facilities would allow natural gas to be received via pipeline at the Lloyds Energy terminal, liquefied and loaded from the FLNG units onto LNG carriers.