CT reelers

Logan delivers second set of new CT reelers for well interventions

Texas-based hydraulic repair, manufacturing and rental company Logan Industries has manufactured and delivered the second set of a new and innovative design of small-footprint coiled tubing (CT) reelers.

Courtesy: Logan
CT reelers
Courtesy: Logan

Logan’s new CT reelers are suitable for storing and deploying 10,000 ft of 2 3/8 in. tubing.

The CT reelers enable operators to perform open water well interventions without bringing in a full drilling rig; boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

This is the largest reeler Logan has manufactured of this type and reportedly features the smallest footprint in the industry.

Logan pioneered new ways of assembling drive systems on large drums, and new methods of ensuring the CT lays and stays on the drum and wraps.

Prior to Logan’s development of this solution, no fatigue models existed for CT performance. Since Logan’s development of these types of reelers, professors have investigated new methods of evaluating CT and have published their findings. Now, Logan’s CT reelers are specified in several of these papers and Logan has helped introduce a new requirement for CT fatigue evaluation.

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Dean Carey, technical director, Logan Industries, said, “One of our most valued customers trusted our expertise to deliver them with a unique solution when nothing on the market met their needs. Our new CT reelers are truly innovative designs and game changers for the offshore intervention market because they feature such a small footprint.

“This enables customers to take on more well stimulant fluid load, meaning they can perform a bigger job for longer. Logan has become the industry leader and the preferred option in CT deployment for open water intervention service providers,” Carey also said.

The first full set of these larger CT reelers was delivered in September 2020.