Logan provides ROV A-frame for TechnipFMC

Logan Industries has delivered a custom A-frame to TechnipFMC for one of its new remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), which will deploy later this year.

The Logan A-frame is a heavy weather, work class ROV launching system.

The A-frame is designed for the ROV and a tether management system (TMS) on top, and can handle 17 MT overboard at a 5.3 meter overboard reach. It has enough room to fully separate the ROV and TMS and stage them both on the A-frame deck, which is fitted with seal-welded drip pans to capture any effluent fluids and keep them contained.

Dean Carey, technical director, Logan Industries, said, “Logan Industries has a long and successful track record of providing custom A-frame designs for ROVs, saturation and surface diving and is skilled at ensuring Safe Working Loads (SWLs). This project features a true leap forward in ROV technology for work class vehicles, with Logan providing the launch/recovery A-frame for it.

“The A-frame developed for TechnipFMC builds on our legacy of simple and effective design. The unique low reach feature means operators will be able to grab and release the ROV lower than ever before, ensuring safe deployment in rough seas. Operators will be provided with simple controls and enough room to split the system while on deck.”

The A-frame, which weighs approximately 50,000 lbs, lays flat for shipping and requires an overhead crane to erect it and perform laydown. The A-frame’s docking head features swing (inboard/outboard) and directional float and it can sway side-to-side on command.