Longitude supports South East Asian interconnector

Longitude Engineering has backed LS Cables & Systems for the installation of two HVAC power cable systems in South East Asia.

Longitude Engineering

Longitude is the engineering & design consulting arm of marine and engineering consulting firm LOC Group.

Under the deal, Longitude provided interconnector cables installation analysis, as well as design and engineer operation and mobilisation procedures.

To that end, the company helped develop project methodologies, including the use of shore landing structures and second end landing.

This namely allowed for cable spacing and alignment to suit the project constraints.

As a result, the interconnector now connects two major power grids, using submarine cables.

The project rolled out to solve power failures in the existing network, with new cables installed to handle power loads.

Riccardo Felici, Longitude Engineering, commented:

“We successfully transferred our experience and knowledge gained in the European market to benefit the burgeoning renewables market in South East Asia.

By utilising our 24/7 service delivery, from LOC’s worldwide presence, we were able to deliver the project on schedule and in record time. Alongside this project, we have also been involved in an extensive list of other work as the offshore renewable industry in Asia develops and gains momentum. These projects ranged from engineering design to transport engineering and training support.”