LOOP: Offshore Marine Terminal offloading ops to resume this week

The Louisiana Offshore Oil Port’s (LOOP) Offshore Marine Terminal, which suspended its crude oil offloading operations on August 13, could be back online this week.

LOOP Offshore Marine Terminal offloading ops to resume this week

LOOP yesterday announced that field crews were executing the pipeline repair plan, adding that  updated estimates indicate that marine offloading operations may resume between August 21st and August 23rd.

Furthermore, LOOP said it would continue to evaluate options to safely expedite offloading operations when repairs are complete. All other pipelines into and out of the Clovelly Hub remain operational.

LOOP, Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, is the largest point of entry for crude oil coming into the U.S.„ The deepwater port is located 18 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico in 110 ft. of water.„ LOOP receives crude oil from two sources: Large ships carrying crude oil to the US from foreign countries and domestic deepwater oil production wells operating in the Gulf of Mexico.


Press Release, August 19, 2014


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