LR, Icebreaker One launch research project to drive investment in net-zero shipping

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has announced a new research project with Icebreaker One, an independent, non-profit organisation that aims to support the decarbonisation of shipping by influencing investment decisions with data. 

Lloyd's Register

The research will be conducted with the aim to help identify and amplify discussions around the key barriers that organisations face for net zero shipping investment and how to overcome these with a ‘net-zero data sharing ecosystem’.

Credit: Lloyd’s Register

Furthermore, this project includes interviews and a creative workshop between stakeholders at both organisations to investigate the potential data sharing has for the maritime energy transition.

By pooling resources, the project will also see research with stakeholders to propose and assess innovations in data sharing, data transparency and ways to best support shipping industry funders to make net zero investments.

Moreover, the project will consider the current available frameworks for assessing decarbonisation technologies and how data contributes to the outcome of these assessments.

“LR is a driving force in enabling and supporting shipping industry funders to make net zero investments and this research, along with its potential results, will encourage new processes and systems as tools in the energy transition journey. The project will equip LR with the knowledge and understanding of the barriers for investing in net zero shipping and enable us to offer effective solutions which address the crucial challenges our industry faces,” Duncan Duffy, Global Head of Technology – Electro Technical Systems, Lloyd’s Register said.

“To get to net zero, we have to finance the decarbonisation of shipping. This means maritime investors need access to trusted, accurate data. Our work with LR will help develop new processes and systems for sharing data that support the race to zero. We’re delighted to be working together to build a web of net-zero data for shipping,” Gavin Starks, CEO and Founder at Icebreaker One, Icebreaker One said.

Specifically, this research will encourage new processes and systems in the drive for zero emissions

It is also supporting the recent announcement of a Zero Ready Framework to provide the industry shipping with clarity over zero carbon readiness. 

The findings from the research project will be presented in a workshop scheduled for early 2023.

The workshop will be split into different sessions exploring identified the core challenges for data sharing in the shipping industry. Participants will then co-create and discuss solutions as a group.