Maersk Line Receives ‘The Best Partner Award’ from LG Electronics

Maersk Line Receives 'The Best Partner Award' from LG Electronics

LG Electronics (LGE) is a leading global company in the electronics industry, and a flagship of Korea’s LG Group which had a turnover of USD 128bn in 2012.

In order to improve their logistics competitiveness, LGE is moving beyond focusing only on price, product and transit-time when choosing a carrier. More and more, they are looking at reliability, ease of business and a sustainable partnership. By partnering with Maersk Line, LGE is improving on these parameters.

 High reliability for complex business

LG Electronics is a highly complex company, and in order to understand it better, Maersk Line set out to capture requirements from 30 factories and 120 branch offices across their global organisation. In a nutshell, LG Electronics was increasingly keen to improve logistics excellence through sustainable business partners, with high focus on cost and on-time delivery to better serve their end-customers.

Maersk Line’s global reach and high reliability were perfect matches for this desire. Based on LG’s own measurement, Maersk Line came out on top in 2012 with C

Several initiatives have contributed to the good performance, all driven by the strong mutual partnership between carrier and customer. These include value propositions such as the direct Asia-Europe (AE10) Gdansk service; optimising supply chain between China, Korea, Indonesia and Mexico; and non-operating reefer (NOR) service to Santos, Brazil.

 Best Partner Award

On 25 February, Maersk Line was awarded LG Electronics’ “The Best Partner Award”. The award recognises the partner who has performed the highest reliability in combination of LG’s internal carrier preference score from 30 factories, 120 branches and headquarters, among 42 carriers.

When presenting the award, Jong Yun Choi, Head of Global Logistics at LG Electronics spoke of “success of collaboration and long term relationship with Maersk Line.” “The strong partnership and unmatched schedule,” he said, allows LGE to easily handle their global deliveries, “and it also enables us to save logistics cost as well as manage delivery of time sensitive electronics efficiently without contingency plan every single week. We expect more business opportunities with Maersk Line for the coming years.

Global collaboration and communication among many different stakeholders contributed to the success of creating a compelling value proposition and delivering the promised service.

Thomas Lindy Sorensen, Korea Cluster Top, says: “We are very proud to receive this award from LG Electronics. This shows that the hard work done by the Key Client team, spread across the globe, is being recognised by LG Electronics. LG is an important customer to Maersk Line and this recognition should be seen as a confirmation of the value both companies see from this cooperation. We look forward to continuing to build on this great relationship.”

Maersk Line, February 28, 2013