Magnomatics, Seaplace developing PDD-based tidal turbine

UK magnetic gear technology company, Magnomatics, and Seaplace, an offshore engineering specialist, are developing a tidal turbine using Magnomatics’ Pseudo Direct Drive (PDD) generator, according to Yorkshire Post.  

The companies have jointly embarked on a 32-month development project under the EU-funded Eurostars programme. Initially, a 5kW scaled demonstration device will be designed and built, with a full scale 750kW generator planned to be constructed after an extensive testing of the first device.

The tethered and self-steering 750kW turbine will have a diameter of 20 metres and will be able to harness tidal energy from 2-3 meters per second of tidal flow. The device will be designed o access tidal flows of below 60 meters while giving economic access to tidal flow resources that would be uneconomic for fixed turbines.

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