Maintaining Shoreline in Sweden by Remu Big Float

Living near a body of water has always appealed to many, yet some of these areas may require maintenance such as dredging and erosion control to keep up with the ever-changing environment. 

Image source: Remu

Sweden has dozens and dozens of rivers and an estimated 101,000 lakes, not to mention the coastal areas and several small islands and reefs which keeps dredging companies quite busy.

One of those companies, Gävleborgs Sjösanering AB is working outside of Gävle, Sweden, by using a Remu Big Float E15 amphibious pontoon undercarriage with a Volvo ECR145EL house.

“As we know, erosion is consistent, so keeping up with the dredging process is imperative to maintaining the shoreline, especially where you have buildings and homes,” said Remu in its statement.

This amphibious excavator is being used to dredge the underwater soil and sediment to clean the area near the shore and move the dredged material closer to the shoreline to form and strengthen the yard around the structure. An additional excavator is used to help spread the material on the ground to speed up this process.

Image source: Remu