Update: Makai Welcomes New Users of MakaiPlan and MakaiPlan Pro

Makai made sales of MakaiPlan, GIS cable route-planning software, and MakaiPlan Pro, cable lay simulation software. Makai’s software continues to serve as the industry standard for cable planners and installers who serve the subsea telecom cable, power cable, and military markets.

A screenshot of MakaiPlan showing the plan and profile views for a cable route near Puerto Rico
A screenshot of MakaiPlan showing the plan and profile views for a cable route near Puerto Rico

“We are excited to welcome several new clients to the large and growing club of MakaiPlan and MakaiPlan Pro users.” said Dr. Jose Andres, CEO of Makai. “Selecting the best cable route and creating a Ship Installation Plan for the cable lay are two critical steps in the development cycle for subsea cable projects. Makai is proud to provide tools that streamline these steps for our clients.”

Recent sales include:
· Fugro-Pelagos (USA) has purchased MakaiPlan with the MakaiDTM and MakaiFME modules. This system is being delivered to E-Marine, the principal provider of submarine cable solutions in the Middle East, at their UAE offices;
· LSCable (Korea) has purchased a second license of MakaiPlan with all the additional modules;
· AssoDivers (Greece) has purchased MakaiPlan with the MakaiDTM and MakaiFME modules. Makai is providing software training at their headquarters in Athens in March 2014;
· Oceaneering (USA) has purchased a second license of MakaiPlan to enhance its submarine cable planning capabilities for US military applications;
· KT Submarine (Korea) already owns and uses MakaiPlan, but has recently added MakaiPlan Pro as well. Makai will provide software training in April, 2014 at KTS offices in Korea;
· NTT (Japan) already owns three licenses of MakaiPlan, but has recently added MakaiPlan Pro.

MakaiPlan is a tool to create and edit submarine cable routes, define cables and in-line bodies, define and adjust slack, instantly create RPLs and SLDs, estimate system costs, and generate a preliminary cable installation plan. Multiple planners and designers work interactively on cable installations with easy access to and exchange of project data. MakaiPlan is the world’s #1 cable route planning and engineering software, with over 300 licenses sold over the last 14 years.

MakaiPlan Pro
MakaiPlan Pro

MakaiPlan Pro is powerful and precise 3D, dynamic simulation software for submarine cable lays. Quickly simulating an entire cable lay in the office at 40 to 50 times faster than real-time enables engineers to identify installation risks and estimate costs; before ever going to sea. The simulations are used to train cable engineers, for pre-lay and post-lay analysis, and to create a detailed Ship Plan to guide the installation.

A simulation is a valuable tool for understanding and planning dynamic at-sea situations, such as starts and stops, repeater deployments, and sharp altercourses.
MakaiPlan Pro includes the GIS planning tools of MakaiPlan, and integrates seamlessly with MakaiLay, the world’s #1 at-sea cable installation software. Unlike other GIS software, Makai provides installers with a comprehensive set of software tools and training that span the entire cable project, from inception to installation.
Makai Ocean Engineering Inc., is the world’s leading provider of submarine cable planning and installation software.

Established in 1973, Makai is a diversified engineering company providing naval architecture, mechanical, and software engineering products and services. Areas of expertise include ocean-based renewable energy, heat exchangers, large pipelines, underwater vehicles, submarine cable software and engineering, and general marine engineering and R&D.


Makai regrets inadvertently publishing incorrect information in news releases regarding Fugro Pelagos’ purchase and use of MakaiPlan. Fugro Pelagos management has clarified that, “The MakaiPlan license purchased last October by Fugro Pelagos was provided to a client who was also purchasing a WinFrog system and that this purchase was prior to the release of Fugro Pelagos’ next generation Cable Route Design and Engineering software, Cable Analyst II.” Fugro Pelagos management has indicated that “The MakaiPlan license purchased was not, and will not be, incorporated into their WinFrog CMS as the preferred cable route-planning tool.”

Press Release, March 31, 2014