MAN ES to future-proof Solvang’s gas tanker with engine upgrade

German engine manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) has revealed that its division MAN PrimeServ will perform optimisation of the propulsion drivetrain of Solvang ASA’s gas tanker.


As explained, the 2007/2008 gas tanker project will entail the introduction of optimised propeller blades, a propeller-hub fairing cone and EcoBulb rudder-bulb integration developed in close cooperation with Becker Marine Systems.

The solution for Solvang-owned vessel will enable it to meet impending Energy Efficiency Index for Existing Vessels (EEXI) regulations via main-engine power limitation and brings the vessel’s propulsive efficiency on par with modern buildings via, among other initiatives, clever optimisation of the existing CP propeller and aft-ship system.

The upgrade will be performed during its forthcoming dry docking. Besides MAN Energy Solution’s scope of supply, the vessel will also be permanently power de-rated, EEXI power-limited, and equipped with a Mewis duct installation

The EEXI measures CO2 emissions per transport work, purely considering the ship’s design parameters. 

EEXI is the sister to EEDI, Energy Efficiency Design Index, which has been in force since 2013. These indexes measure the same in practice; however, EEDI is applied to new ships while EEXI applies to existing vessels.

The EEXI regulation is one of the most significant measures introduced by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to promote more environmentally friendly technologies and reduce the shipping industry’s carbon footprint. In June 2021, new amendments to EEXI were adopted to support GHG measures.

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“We envisage that this significant, eco-concept investment will not just have a positive environmental impact, but that it will significantly prolong the efficiency and life of the vessel too. This investment will enhance the gas tanker’s operational efficiency while minimising its carbon footprint and emissions in accordance with our best business practice,” Tor Øyvind Ask, Fleet Director, Solvang ASA, said.

“From a propulsion perspective, the solution is spot on in terms of performance, efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. This is just Solvang’s latest investment in its current fleet, confirming its position in the market as a committed front-runner in the efficient and environmentally-friendly transport of LPG and petrochemical gases,” Michael Muff Jensen, Senior Sales Manager, MAN Energy Solutions, Frederikshavn stated.