MAN ES: World’s 1st SCR for ammonia engine tested

MAN Energy Solutions, in collaboration with Germany-based stainless-steel processor BUTTING, has revealed that the world’s first selective catalytic reduction (SCR) converter intended for an ammonia engine has passed its factory acceptance test.

Image credit: MAN ES

Measuring an impressive 3.9 meters in diameter and boasting a weight of 28 metric tonnes, the Cluster 5 Double Layer, built by BUTTING, has been described as the largest SCR converter built to date. It is also the world’s first SCR (High Pressure) designed for a commercial two-stroke ammonia engine.

The SCR converters play a pivotal role in the maritime industry, specifically in cruise and cargo ships, where they are employed to significantly reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, up to 90%.

Daniel Struckmeier, Managing Director for MAN Energy Solutions in Japan, expressed his enthusiasm for the “historic” delivery and the successful completion of the Factory Acceptance Test.

“This is the first-ever SCR for an ammonia engine, so it’s a reason to celebrate, and send my praise and thanks to our team behind this project,” Daniel remarked.

This is the first time that BUTTING has built an SCR catalytic converter of this size, despite a long-standing partnership with MAN ES in the field.

“We take pride in our team’s performance and are highly confident that the Cluster 5 Double Layer will soon be ready for series production,” Steven Schlabritz, Project Manager at BUTTING International, said.

BUTTING added that after a successful water pressure test, the quality of the product was also confirmed during the final inspection by the customer MITSUI and MAN Energy Solutions a few weeks ago.

The component was then collected from Tieling on a low-loader and shipped from Dalian, China, to Tamano, Japan, via Kobe, Japan.

BUTTING relocated its series production for SCR catalytic converters from Knesebeck to Tieling (China) at the beginning of 2023. Engineering and prototype construction continue to be supported at the headquarters.

MAN Energy Solutions has invested over 71,000 R&D man hours to the development of the world’s first ammonia-powered marine engine. The process saw the company file 37 patent applications as part of an extensive research and development process.

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The successful completion of combustion tests on the two-stroke ammonia engine in July 2023, followed by a seamless transition to 100% engine load on ammonia in August, marked a significant milestone for engine development. Further tests are scheduled for 2024, coinciding with the design and testing of a commercial version of the ammonia engine, with delivery slated for 2024.