Maran Gas Secures Charter Deal for Its LNG Tanker

Greece-based shipowner Maran Gas Maritime has agreed a six-month time charter contract for its liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker, the Maran Gas Mystras.

Under the deal signed with a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tellurian, the tanker was handed over to the company at Galle, Sri Lanka on October 1, 2017.

“As winter approaches, we will begin buying and delivering LNG on the Maran Gas Mystras, one of the most efficient vessels in the Maran Gas fleet. Developing our LNG marketing capabilities now prepares us to be one of the most flexible, competitive, and reliable LNG suppliers when Driftwood LNG begins operations in 2022,” Meg Gentle, President and CEO, said.

Built in 2015, the Maran Gas Mystras is a tri-fuel diesel electric (TFDE) propulsion vessel with 160,000m3 of storage capacity.

The ship is owned by Maran Gas, the gas shipping unit of the Angelicoussis Shipping Group.

Image Courtesy: Maran Gas