Marcus Hook Operations About to Begin

U.S. Coast Guard will be enforcing a safety zone within the waters of the Delaware River, from Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania north to Eddystone, Pennsylvania – beginning December 01, 2016 until March 15, 2017 – due to the upcoming dredging works.

According to the USCG notice, the safety zone will cover all navigable waters in the Delaware River within 500 yards of the vessels working on the project.

One side of the Delaware River main navigational channel will be closed in the vicinity of the rock blasting, rock removal, and dredging operation, for the duration of the project,” said the USCG.

During the project, rock blasting will be conducted via explosive detonations by the drill boat APACHE. After every explosive detonation a survey will be conducted to ensure the navigational channel is clear for vessels to transit.

Also engaged in the works will be Great Lakes Dredge & Dock’s cutter suction dredge TEXAS, or clamshell dredge NEW YORK.


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