MARIN Opens New Bridge Simulator in Houston (USA)

MARIN Offices Openes New Bridge Simulator in Houston (USA)

On Tuesday December 10th Peter Noble (President of SNAME) and Robert Hanraads (the Nautical Institute) jointly opened the new bridge simulator at the MARIN offices in Houston. They were asked by MARIN for this event to illustrate that this simulator was built as a bridge between engineering and operations.

Watched by representatives of oil majors, engineering companies and offshore  contractors, Robert Hanraads then safely performed the first offloading operation on the simulator.

At the preceding lunch, MARIN President Dr. Bas Buchner explained why MARIN built the simulator in Houston: “To develop safer and smarter offshore structures and operations, MARIN wants to use its simulations, model tests, training and full scale monitoring activities in an integrated way. The new simulator allows direct interaction between engineers and operational personnel and opens new possibilities for more operational input in the design in the Houston area.”

MARIN Offices Openes New Bridge Simulator in Houston (USA)-

With its 6 projectors the new simulator gives a very realistic view of the surroundings of the ship, including platforms in the area, tugs, realistic ports, waves and weather. The bridge has a professional instrument panel with electronic charts, system information and radar. The simulator runs with the same software as the desktop simulation programs used by MARIN for engineering studies and third party verification during the design. The software is extensively validated with MARIN’s basin tests and full scale monitoring.

MARIN already performs many studies for US clients in its simulators in The Netherlands. Arjan Voogt, manager of MARIN’s Houston office commented: “With this Houston simulator studies can be done close to the offices of oil majors and majors contractors. This allows more involvement and interaction for the engineers and operators”.


MARIN, December 12, 2013


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