Marine Energy Industry Drafts Policy Recommendations to DECC

South West Marine Energy Industry informed today that it submitted a draft set of policy recommendations which are intended to  accelerate the commercialisation of wave and tidal energy to the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) minister Andrea Leadsom, Regen SW informed.

Johnny Gowdy said: “Over 20 South West business and university representatives made the trip up to the House of Commons last month for a very positive and constructive meeting with Andrea Leadsom and her DECC officials.

“As a result of this meeting we were very pleased to be invited by the minister to submit a short paper that sets out the fantastic opportunity that marine energy offers for the South West of England, together with measures and enabling actions which we believe will enable to UK industry to reach commercial maturity.

“Our hope is that marine energy, and the development of other innovative renewable energy technologies, will become a  key ambition for this government, and that long term support will be given to enable UK industry to deliver cost competitive energy, jobs and export opportunities into the next decade.”

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