MarineSpace Boosts Its Team

Marine planning and environmental consultancy, MarineSpace Ltd, has strengthened its team with two new appointments.

MarineSpace working on DeltaStream Tidal Energy Demo

Sam Strutton will be joining the Southampton office as a marine consultant and will support the team with physical processes, geophysics, data processing and GIS capabilities.

Strutton previously worked at EMU Ltd and Fugro GB Marine Ltd and, more recently, Wessex Archaeology.

Ophelie Humphrey will be joining the Norwich office as a consultant marine ecologist, and has a background in varied topics, from physical oceanography to fisheries science; and a specific interest in the marine regulatory framework.

Prior to joining MarineSpace, Humphrey has been working within various teams at Gardline Ltd.

MarineSpace wishes Sam and Ophélie a warm welcome and believes their skills and experience will significantly enhance the company’s ability to deliver high quality services to clients across a range of sectors,” the company said in a statement.