Marinsa unveils new platform supply vessel

Marinsa, a Mexican offshore vessel provider belonging to the CEMZA Group, has introduced a new platform supply vessel named Carmen.

Marinsa said on Wednesday that the flagging ceremony of the Carmen PSV was held on November 22.

The company added that the new PSV was part of a fleet of specialized vessels providing services to the oil and gas sector.

Among the attendees of the flagging ceremony at the Industrial Port of Carmen were governmental and maritime authorities, shareholders, public and private sector representatives, and collaborators.

After the ceremony, the attendees had the opportunity to a take a tour of the vessel’s facilities and get to know the vessel first hand.

Carmen is a UT755 CDL PSV with the latest generation DP2 system, built in 2017. It has the capacity for a crew of 40 people, a total length of 81.30 meters, a clear deck cargo area of 670 square meters, and can hold 1,725 tons of deck cargo.

The vessel is designed to provide services in deep and shallow water, with the ability to facilitate a mud plant onboard.

Jose Luis Zavala Solis, chairman of the CEMZA Group, said: “If the market changes, we have to change ourselves and evolve the services we offer our customers.”

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