Photo: Illustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license

Mawani Off to a Good Start with Major Developments

Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) entered the 2019 with a number of major developments taking place at the 9 ports it manages.

Mawani has recently launched the integrated shipment scheduling system at King Abdul Aziz port, part of the electronic clearance service. Meant to reduce dual time at Saudi ports, the system includes electronically scheduling an appointment and choosing a carrier, which can save time down to only 17 minutes at the port.

Additionally, in line with the pursuit to keep up with new updates and services, Mawani sponsored a cooperation agreement for shipbuilding and repairing at King Abdul Aziz port in Dammam. The agreement was held alongside the Ministry of Transport, between Al Blagha Industrial and International Maritime Industries, a joint venture between a number of leading maritime companies.

Among its operational decisions targeting 2030 vision, Saudi Ports Authority has issued the first unified foreign investor permit in the Saudi Ports to carry out the business operations of maritime agencies.

The move was made after Mawani’s Board of Directors adopted several regulations licensing. Operating a shipping agency in addition to ship chandlers would “open the door for big business opportunity for foreign companies to establish their owner shipping agencies and serve their ships in all Saudi ports,” the company said.