MCS Kenny Launches Flexcom V8 Riser Design Software (Ireland)



MCS Kenny, Wood Group Kenny’s riser engineering and software solutions company, has launched Version 8 of its industry-leading Flexcomâ„¢ riser design and analysis software. This new release will make it easier for engineering teams to model the characteristics of all types of oil & gas riser systems, particularly for deepwater.

It will help organisations to tackle the increasingly complex and demanding design requirements associated with multi-case extreme and fatigue seastate loading conditions in a modern and efficient analysis environment.

Flexcom was first introduced nearly 30 years ago and continues to be the preferred program for organisations requiring the highest levels of quality and confidence in their offshore and subsea operations,” explained Patrick Scully, general manager of MCS Kenny’s software division. “We created Flexcom V8 to deliver a step-change in how riser engineering design and analysis is performed. The enhancements provided by this new version lead to a better design that supports the industry’s significant focus on improved process safety, better predictability, and greater knowledge of utilisation and integrity during operations.”

Flexcom V8 benefits include:

*Increased productivity: Improvements to the computational modelling approach make Flexcom V8 approximately 40 per cent faster on average than the previous version. The all-new project-focused work environment simplifies quality assurance and ensures optimal use of processing resources when running multiple analyses simultaneously.

*Innovative processes: An automatic mesh-creation facility expedites the model creation process; a live structure preview facility is now available during model building, and an integrated keyword editor and a summary post-processing collation facility have been added.

*Expanded analytical capabilities: Sliding pipe-in-pipe contact has been added and internal fluid and slug flow modelling is enhanced.

MCS Kenny has a long-standing reputation of innovation and excellence in the development of software for the offshore sector,” said John Conroy, CEO of MCS Kenny. “This latest release of Flexcom incorporates feedback from many of our users and will ensure that engineers across the industry will be able to have the highest levels of confidence in their riser and subsea engineering designs, particularly for designs in deepwater and with harsh environmental conditions.”

Source: Wood Group, September 27, 2011