Meet Offshore Insights at OEEC Start-Up Zone

Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference will this year have a Start-Up zone where several startup companies will have an opportunity to bring their ideas and products to the attention of the international offshore energy industry.

Offshore Energy Today spoke with Edrick Croes, Vice President of Offshore Insights, one of the start-ups to be present at the event in Amsterdam next month.

Asked to describe his start-up, Croes says Offshore Insights is an online platform where offshore transport demand and supply can find each other.

“Offshore-Insights is the application for offshore transport supply chain optimization by reducing costs, monitoring energy efficiency, and supporting inventories on the worldwide safety performance for continuous improvement. The software assists fleet owners to optimize and position,” Croes explains.

“Offshore-Insights easily connects all offshore companies, government and owners within the market delivering insight and visibility on technical and economic data to improve business operations and collaboration on projects worldwide,” he adds.

In his own words, Croes says he feels that Offshore Energy is the strongest conference in North West Europe, and a good opportunity to meet potential clients in need of offshore transport, and meet organizations who would like to evaluate and determine their strategic positioning with focus on reducing costs, efficiency improvement, safety enhancement, and environmental outcomes.

What is the main take-away you want the visitors to remember after seeing your startup?

Croes: “Offshore-Insights is a new total solution to optimize your fleet, anytime of the day on every place where you have access to the Internet. Offshore-Insights delivers tailor-made, value added, endless software solutions to meet the exact needs of all professionals within the industry,” Croes said.

To learn more about Offshore Insights, visit the company website at

Offshore Energy Today Staff

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