Menter Môn hires Morlais tidal delivery guides

Menter Môn, the manager of the Morlais tidal energy scheme, has hired two Welsh-based consultancies to help with the project delivery.

Menter Môn awarded a contract to Billcliff Energy Consulting to assist it with grid and permitting support, and other services, for the Morlais Demonstration Zone, located off Anglesey in Wales.

Under the contract, worth almost £125,000, the cosultancy will also be tasked with providing advice and deliverables related to grid design, connections, and construction, as well as with conducting financial analyses in support of the business plan.

Furthermore, Menter Môn hired a Swansea-based consultancy Juno Energy for consent and offshore support, who will also be responsible for technical matters relating to turbine technology, roll-out and connectivity.

The contract is worth a little over £134,000, according to the Welsh government’s procurement portal Sell2Wales.

To remind, Morlais Demonstration Zone was given a funding push from the EU and Welsh government in the amount of £4.5 million in September 2017.

The Morlais scheme is being set up to help accelerate the development and commercialization of multiple tidal stream technologies in the Morlais Demonstration Zone, and will be situated in one of the designated Anglesey Enterprise Zone sites.