Meriaura slashes ships’ emissions by 11% during 2022

Finland-based shipping company Meriaura has managed to reduce the ships’ emissions by 11.2 percent during 2022 compared to the previous year. 


Emissions per ton of transported cargo per nautical mile decreased by 7.8 % for the bulk fleet and 20.6 % for deck cargo ships. At the same time, Meriaura was able to grow, which emphasizes the importance of achievement, as emissions usually increase in times of high market activity.

Last year, the company merged with compatriot solar thermal system provider SavoSolar. The motive behind the merger was to build a company that can accelerate the green transition in both business areas and help its customers achieve their emission reduction goals.

In addition to financial goals, the company is now setting strategic goals for effectiveness, i.e. how much the company is able to reduce emissions in its own operations.

“We are very pleased to say that we managed to exceed the emission reduction goals we set for last year. The digital applications we have developed are a significant help in planning the optimal use of vessel capacity and in verifying emission reduction,” Beppe Rosin, CEO of Meriaura commented.

“In order to be able to offer even lower-emission sea transportation to our customers in the future, we will invest in new low-emission vessels and continue to increase the use of our own biofuel, VG Marine EcoFuel, on our ships.”

“This emission reduction tells of the motivation behind the merger between Meriaura and Savosolar. The goal of the merged company is, in addition to profitable growth, to support and accelerate the green transition of our customers,” Jari Varjotie, CEO of Savosolar stated.

“In Marine Logistics, it happens by developing even lower-emission transportation and in Renewable Energy by offering and delivering industrial-scale clean energy solutions. United, we are able to advance in both areas stronger and faster than before.”

Recently, the company sold its oldest and smallest vessel MS Ramona as part of the modernization of the fleet.