Photo: Illustration/Minesto's Dragon Class tidal energy kite (Courtesy of Minesto)

Minesto and Schneider Electric display joint renewable baseload offer

Swedish marine energy developer Minesto and Schneider Electric have showcased their joint clean power offer as part of their strategic partnership to bring ocean energy into the global renewable energy mix.

Joining forces at Enlit Europe conference, formerly European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, the partners are engaging in joint activities to build on the strategic partnership they formed earlier this year.

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The activities include one-on-one meetings with prospective customers and partners to promote a joint and complete customer offer based on Minesto’s proprietary marine energy technology and Schneider’s expertise in integration of renewable energy production and microgrids.

Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto, said: “We are delighted to advance the relationship with Schneider Electric and interact with the energy community to showcase our combined value proposition. Together we can offer turnkey solutions for plannable renewable power generation that minimizes the need for overcapacity build-out and long-term energy storage”.

Gary Lawrence, power and grid segment president at Schneider Electric, added: “Minesto offers a scalable, game-changing technology with both a global market and a potential for energy production at competitive cost of energy.

“Together, we bring ocean energy into the global renewable energy mix, balancing other renewables with predictable, renewable baseload. This creates significant customer value and opportunities to the efforts of achieving a sustainable transition to net-zero societies”.

Enlit Europe, which brings together 10,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors, is being held in Milan, Italy.