Minesto checks second Deep Green installation phase off the list

Marine energy developer Minesto has completed the second offshore installation phase of its 500kW Deep Green (DG500) project in Holyhead Deep, off Wales.

Construction vessels carrying Minesto's DG500 system equipment on their way to the Holyhead Deep (Photo: Rob Johnson/Film Up High)

Swedish developer installed the tether, micro-grid system (MGS) buoy and umbilical in an operation that put all the supporting components and systems needed to deliver the power produced by Minesto’s Deep Green utility-scale system in place.

David Collier, Minesto’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “The offshore operations team in Holyhead, with support from colleagues in Sweden and Northern Ireland, has made great efforts in executing the installation activities undertaken so far in a safe and resourceful way.”

Umbilical, upper part of the bottom joint and tether on a construction vessel to the installation site (Photo: Rob Johnson/Film Up High)

The installation of the MGS buoy, that will be used to handle and analyse electricity generated by Minesto’s DG500 marine energy converter, was followed up with installation of the tether, which connects the power plant to the seabed foundation as well as holding power and data communications cables.

After that, the umbilical connecting the DG500 device with the MGS buoy was installed, completing the balance of plant installation works at the Holyhead Deep site.

Minesto’s Deep Green technology generates power when the water current creates a hydrodynamic lift force on the wing which pushes the ‘tidal kite’, tethered trough a single mooring to the sea floor, forward.