Minesto performs launch and recovery for megawatt-scale tidal energy kite

Minesto has carried out the Launch and Recovery System (LARS) method for the 1.2 MW, 25-ton Dragon 12 tidal energy kite in Vestmannsund, Faroe Islands.

Source: Minesto

According to Minesto, the operations developed for Dragon 4, which has a capacity of 100 kW and weighs 2.5 tons, were equally effective with the megawatt-scale kite utilizing the same small work vessel.

The Dragon 12 is ten times heavier and three times bigger than the Dragon 4, with a longer tether, and is installed in larger water depths. 

“By efficiently launching and recovering the Dragon 12 for the first time, we have now verified the critical Launch and Recovery System. It is satisfactory that the smaller kite operations are proven effective also with large-scale kites,” said Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto.  

”A complete run-through of the launch and recovery of the Dragon 12 powerplant over the last 24h has successfully verified the core marine operations of our kite-based power plants. This is a truly unique procedure at the core of our competitive LCOE-levels”

The LARS process was finished in less than two hours. 

The ongoing commissioning process of Dragon 12 at the site is progressing toward achieving electricity production objectives. Simultaneously, operations of the smaller Dragon 4 power plants continue to function.

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Minesto announced on Tuesday, January 9, that it had completed the Dragon 12 offshore infrastructure, having connected the export cable to the foundation.